Monday, October 8, 2018

NIPPC’s “TED Talks

8:00 am – 9:15 am

E3 – Energy & Environmental Economics

Presenter: Arne Olson

Charged, Smart and Ready: New electric consumer technologies and their impact on the grid

New consumer devices are creating a significant amount of new electric load.  The power sector can smooth this transition if it anticipates and acts now to accommodate this new load growth. Anticipatory design could optimize grid operations but the consequences of not getting out ahead could bring serious disruption and consequential economic and environmental cost.

LevelTen Energy

Presenter – Bryce Smith

Unlocking Renewable Energy Procurement Through Aggregation 

LevelTen Energy is a renewable energy procurement platform that reduces the cost, complexity and risk of renewable energy PPAs by connecting buyers and sellers. The LevelTen PPA Marketplace serves as the foundation of the platform, providing real-time data and deep analytics on nearly 1,300 utility scale solar, wind, and storage projects in North America. LevelTen’s Dynamic Matching Engine applies data sciences and proprietary algorithms to massive sets of data to optimize buyer and seller connections, maximizing PPA value and minimizing risk.

Smart Wires

Presenter – Frank Kreikbaum

How today’s transmission technologies are hastening the transformation of
our generation fleet

The planning and operation of the transmission grid tend to encumber utilityscale  generators with interconnection delays, interconnection costs and revenue reductions that limit the development of low-carbon and renewable resources. Existing transmission technologies are starting to reduce these encumbrances. Examples of these technologies include power flow control, dynamic line rating and curative dispatch of transmission assets.

Platinum Sponsor Seminar

9:15 am – 10:15 am

K & L Gates

Presenters: Ankur Tohan & Alyssa Moir

Energy Flow and the Constitution

In the absence of a national carbon policy, what limits state and local authorities to regulate energy and fuel production, transmission and consumption?  Turns out it just might be the US Constitution, specifically the Dormant Commerce Clause.  We survey court decisions, legislation, and pending lawsuits that spotlight the patchwork of potential interruptions to the free flow of energy.